The Car Wash Process

The car wash experience begins with the car entering the vacuum area. Capable of vacuuming 6 cars simultaneously, each car is carefully vacuumed before entering the wash process.Upon entering wash tunnel, each vehicle is prepped in order to ensure that the car is ready to begin. The journey begins with the car driven onto a state of the art 127 ft long dual belt modular conveyor belt system. This ensures that all types of cars can be washed regardless of their wheel width and or ground clearance. Once the car is loaded onto the belt, computers handle the automated process from here.As the car continues automatically, specialized road film dissolving detergents are applied to the entire vehicles surface. Later the car is washed using high pressure water including the use of a “Wash Robot” which using pulsed infra-red optics tracks the top surface of the vehicle while maintaining a distance of 14” from the surface.When complete the car is driven off of the conveyor to the finish area where our professionals dry the body of the car, wash the windows, and add air freshener until handing it off to the quality control inspector. All cars are inspected before calling the customer over the intercom announcing that it is complete.

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